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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Passengers Lament

Dear Southwest-

I really enjoy flying on your airline. Your 3-hour non-stop flight from Orlando to Manchester is my favorite and your other destinations have always fit my travel plans. I find your crew exceptional and I really enjoy your open seating concept. I also am thrilled I have not paid for a ticket on your airline in 5 years because of the generosity of your pilots who I can call my friends and family. I do however have a few things I'd like to point out that you could change on my future flights.

First, I would ask that you do not tell me that the engine that starts the jets has quit working. Second, I also ask that you do not use the term "de-ice" and "plane" in the same sentence while I watch a convoy of 6 plow trucks pass my window and third, I ask that you please do not tell me that we have a "killer headwind" and my 3 hour flight will take 4 hours. May I suggest free shots of some "warming liquid" around the 2.5 hour mark to lighten the mood and ease the extended flight.




Amanda said...

Love it, tee hee

Kristin said...

I love flying southwest also!! The have a great 2 1/2 nonstop flight to Kansas City. The comment
I heard on my last flight at Christmas from the pilot once we were in the air was: The plane is a little heavy this flight so we are going to have to fly at 30,000 feet till we burn off some fuel then we will go to our cruising altitude of 40,000.
Did he really need to tell us that?
I honestly wouldn't have know if we were at 30,000 feet or 40,000.

Vanessa said...

"free shots of warming liquid" Love it! :)

Anonymous said...



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