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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

I hope your Christmas was a joy and your new year has started off on a positive note! I've been enjoying the change of pace around here. With Vaughan home from school and home school on vacation it's allowed for lazier mornings and no lesson planning and paper correcting. Most days the computer has stayed off and I read 3 books in the month of December alone! Steve's business is still going along well, staying busy and meeting his "quota" during this holiday season; with no weekly youth group my work schedule has taken on a new look as I plan upcoming trips and events, perhaps my fav part of the job.

It's been such a nice "down time" this month that I've decided to continue it through this whole year. I'll be keeping the computer off more, picking up books and my sewing needle more and just giving more time to being a mom and wife.

I've been learning a lot about anxiety lately, I've been cleaning up Steve's office area and with his education background I have lots to read on this. Something I've struggled with more over these last 2 or so years with some days, weeks, months spiking more than others. The latest thing I've learned is the relationship between adrenaline and anxiety. Many people think anxiety is tied to worry; that never sat well with me because I'm not really a worrier. Don't get me wrong, I worry, it just is not the base of my anxiety. I'm a "driver personality" as someone who knows me well terms it, I'm a doer, go-getter; I just like to do stuff, be involved, get 'er done. In many ways this is good, busy can keep me out of trouble, but busy can thrive on adrenaline and too much adrenaline thriving can suppress one' my brains natural neurotransmitters or "happy messengers". Not many happy messengers can lead to anxiety.

So with that said I'm slowing down in some ways and keeping up the pace in others. I'm stepping away from my adrenaline fuel addiction fuel and plan to slow down and finish reading this book educating myself on this subject/thought.

Now on to the fun stuff, pictures from the last few weeks

My baby and I on Christmas Eve.
Steve and his dad.
So painful to be with his mom and Yiayia

Our first family trip to a state park where I sat in the back.
The reality that roadtrips will never be the same.
Justin's Christmas joy!

And Vaughan's
New Year's Eve was spent with family and friends who seem like family.
Here I am with Erin, an incredible young lady who's learning to make wise choices. She made a cake!

New Year's with cousin's...

...and friends...
I'd say this was one of Justin's best friends, one of my good friends and my boss but he'd say he wasn't my boss but my co-worker so I will just call them friends with the first 2 statement inarguable facts .
More friends...
One of my oldest friends in FL. She coined the term reduce, reuse, recycle long before it became popular. I'm encouraging he to write a book titled,
"I Haven't Used a Trash Bag in Over a Year"
Why that title? Because as she looked at 2008 she could say just that. The things she does are INCREDIBLE! And by the way she as a household of 6 people.
Happy New Year... the Spanos'


Katie said...

Happy New Year to you all! I agree...keeping up the mellow pace into the coming months is a good idea...your family is beautiful.

Superhero Mom said...

Happy New Year! Slower Pace sounds delightful! I'll give it my best shot. See you soon! Love you

coldbayprincess said...

happy new year!
and 4th day of christmas... 10 lords a leaping (the ten commandments)
it's always nice to hear the anxiety/adrenaline worded differently, and i'm glad your so smart to learn it all on your own,(and even discribe it well) my back injury and a season with a "counselor" forced me into slowing down, meggaphone/frypan learning....(and loads of God's Grace, Love, Relentlessly poured on me) and i think i'm finally getting it, it comes and goes in cycles, but i think i'm finding a groove! send me the book! i would love to get our town motivated!!!!!

Bev said...

You are God's Girl in max speed. You see a need and make it happen. That is what a admin to a youth leader needs. What a beatiful family. Lots of Lov Bev

fatur said...

have nice day for u

tessahjake said...

miss u

Anonymous said...



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