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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2 Days Down

So we're a full 2 days into Spring Break 2008!

Last year we pledged to go to the beach every single day and we did! My dear friend Annie and her two boys joined us just about every day; even on the day it rained!
This year so far:
Monday we relaxed all morning before meeting friends at the park to RipStick, run around or just walk around and talk, it's like recess back in the day.
Tuesday we picked up a friend and visited the comic book store and christian book store so Justin could pick up his pre-bought all-new, Hawk Nelson CD labeled Hawk Nelson is My Friend. It came with some extras for pre-buying so he was psyched!
Today, well you'll have to wait.
I also thought you may want to see pictures of our Easter with my mom and fam. We'll celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter with Steve's family on April 27.
Justin, his flo-hawk or faux-hawk or whatever they're calling it, and Fluff, on the way to my mom's.
Fluff is only allowed on the porch! That's Justin RipStiking in the background with orange shirt.

My mom's farmhouse table.

I told you the pictures were pitiful.
Happy Spring!

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Anonymous said...'s a faux-hawk.


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