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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break Con't

Day four is partway through. I thought I should get a jump start on chronicling Spring Break Sleepover 2008. I had plans this morning with some youth group girls at the beach, when I left my house the head count was 5, when I returned 3 hours later it was up to 7.

For a snack they ate 8 eggs.
They devoured a box of mac-n-cheese and 60 chicken nuggets.

Activity wise the younger three jumped on the trampoline in the rain, love Florida days like today, and when the rain stopped they jumped in the hose. The older boys have been shooting a new movie, the gag reel should be funny as they "set" is an actually living breathing house with me blurting into scenes with things like "don't use that towel". I'll be sure to post the movie when it's done.

The lego room has been transformed into a stage with seating for the concert Justin and his friend are putting on tonight. That would explain where all my dinning room chairs have gone. I need to get a Nanny Cam so I can record what goes around here while I'm gone- I'd bet money it's small tornadoes and hurricanes.

I already have items in the Lost and Found, oh yes with the amount of kids in and out of here every week, all things not ours go into the Lost and Found, before you leave... check the Lost and Found.

Well so far that's where we're at, I gotta run older boys home form a video shoot and my lunch is ready, I know I know, it's 4:30 and I'm eatting lunch!

Happy Spring Break!

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Mont said...

what are some good tunes from the new Hawke Nelson CD? The kids have a iTunes card they will be using this weekend.

Sounds like a nice spring break, hummm (sounding like Homer) spring...


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