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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In Which I Attempt to Write About Working Out

So I've been going to this workout class that incorporates, self-defense, core work, yoga, circuit training all kinds of crazy stuff. I really don't like to exercise at all but I love this class!!

As a matter of fact when I know I have to miss it, it saddens me. Sick- I know. Well, a group three of us from that class have decided to run a 5k on the 4th of July at the local YMCA. The YMCA has started some free training classes for this run and our assignment this week is to run 20 minutes 3 times. We're suppose to run 60 sec, walk 90, run 60, walk 90. My question is can I do this with a donut in my hand?

I don't like to run. Especially on my own. A friend of ours just ran the Boston Marathon and I think he's crazy. I just don't get it, although perhaps if I can run enough to get the runners high I've heard of, maybe that would keep me at it?

Back to the class. It rocks! I do much of the stuff at home at various times in the day and last night while doing some squats I noticed some definition in my thighs! Oh glory! I loved it. Let me say that again: I noticed definition in my thighs! Being a gymnast large thighs have haunted followed me around most of my life. Toning them takes work a bunch of work and while I've noticed slight changes in my arms and stomach since beginning this class my legs have remained in sad shape. Until last night! So, I'm hoping it wasn't just a shadow but in fact the beginning of slimmer, firmer thighs!

Here is what I believe the secret is. Kettlebells. Yes, these I am convinced, are a type of torture, but very much worth it. The things we do with them should be listed on my "Never Do This" list, yet somehow I show up to each class anticipating a kettlebell workout. So if you get a chance to pick one of these up and give it a try I highly suggested you do. They produce results.

So now I'm off to run or jog or whatever it is I'm not wanting suppose to do.


And oh yeah just try to grab my purse or my milk (it's probably more valuable), you're likely to be met by my fist or palm or foot or elbow. The group of women in this class can really kick some but*t!

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