Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lately I've given some thought to our behavior as followers of Christ. I begin to think on a grander scale and then try to make the effort to bring things down on a personal level. After all, I am responsible for my own behavior, not the behavior of the group.

My thoughts started as how wasteful we are as Americans, then I secluded Christ followers out of that and marinated on the wastefulness we as believers practice. In recent months I have acquired a free stove, a free dishwasher, a free above ground 14-foot pool, and a free "only been used 3x", kickin' grill. These items have replaced at my house a broken two-burner stove (which worked fine for me for the past 3 years), and empty dishwasher hole in my kitchen, a non-existing backyard pool, and a very old and rusted out grill that was on the brink of crumbling under the wonderful Florida humidity and salty beach air. Yes, I am extremely thankful for these items and the details surrounding them are none only from God - but that is a whole blog of it's own.

So each of thee working items was replaced in their former home. Replaced by newer models, shinier ones, fancier more "in' items. Anyway else thinking of the Brave Little Toaster movie? Some of these newer models were paid for in cash, others on credit and still others are awaiting their "no-interest, no payment" date.

Why are we this way? Why are we replacing perfectly good items for a different version of the same thing? Where are we placing our importance? Are we being wise with what the Lord has given us?

"But Michelle", you say, "I needed the new appliances to match my new kitchen, my pool just wasn't big enough. I work hard for my money why shouldn't I buy nicer items for my home, after all I tithe to my church, I volunteer my time..." Blah, blah, blah.

Yes I hear you and by no means am I judging, the Lord knows where I stand on this one, the issue of judging, what I'm asking is where are your priorities? Are they on things of this world tat moth and rust destroy or are they on things eternal?

So as great as it is for me to see how others are at fault, I need to look at myself. Where do my priorities lie? I'd like to think they lie solely on things above, but I am done lying to myself. Yes my deepest desire is to serve God only, give Him my all - I just keep failing. Not that failing is bad - at least I'm putting forth effort to fail at. So where are my priorities? Did I mention a new "entryway" is being added on to my house? (and trust me I have good reason why I "need" this entryway) I wonder: Is what the Lord has given me, you know my house, my car, my health, my family, my EVERYTHING, not enough? here I sit adding on to my house while missionaries in Kenya live on $100 a month, or better yet children go hungry down the street.

So as Christmas day approaches and I think of my dear Saviors birth. I imagine His first night in this world, the simplicity of it, the calmness and the peace. I picture the stable, smelly, chalky with hay, no reclining bed or private bath for mom; the manger, rough and worn, without a matching sheet and bumper pad; I think of the love that night, the love that radiated from that manger to my heart today. I think of a wonderful little baby who lived a simple life and shared a simple message.

So it is my desire that we all as followers of Christ think about our priorities. That we would not find comfort in what material items surround us, that we would find comfort in the simple things of life. The simplicity of trusting and believing God.

May the simple life of Jesus inspire us all this year.
Merry Christmas!

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