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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Shower

Sarah's baby shower was yesterday!
We had it at my friend Rhonda's house and when we arrive she had it nicely set up and a wonderful fall centerpiece on her table; we added a few personal touches and here it is:
Rhonda had also brought out her rocking chair and afghan from when her oldest son, now in his 20's, was a baby. What a perfect spot for Sarah to open gifts!
Friends came from near and far and Sarah's friend Dani was there to help with the fun of food placement and decorating!

This is the only posed shot from the day and it's not even that great!

I think Sarah's sister did a great job with the games, we started with Baby Bible trivia then had a short scripture reading and encouragement from our friend Lisa who also prayed over Sarah and baby Illana Belle.
When it came to gift opening we were all busy making and playing a baby collage game while the kids sat close to see the goodies!

Oh wait there was another posed picture, this is my mom, my grandmother and my grandmother's cousin.

Recently Sarah has gotten to know one of the girls I serve with and know through youth group. Dani is a work of art, a work in progress and a great friend to Sarah. Here she was working hard on her baby collage and being the "pea in a pod" with Sarah-- she won this game!!

Ok so I lied, I took another posed picture with Neta, my friends mother-in-law. I love taking self portraits with cell phone with people over the age of 70, in her case at the age of 89!
Since life as we live it involves not only our friends but their kids I had to add this picture. It's not that good but it is my friend's son climbing down from a tree fort. The transition from fort to ladder is not very easy and he had to talk himself down. I'm sure his mom could come up with a much prettier sounding life lesson from this, she's a genius like that, but it really hit me in the spot I am on this journey. Sometimes we just need to talk ourselves through it, out loud, each inch, each step reminding ourselves we'll survive, it'll be OK, we just need to step on that one lite step in front of us.

And lastly how could I resist a little sleepy boy?

Sarah and Illana got super blessed yesterday and I realize each day brings me one day closer to being a Yiayia and seeing the beautiful face of this lovely child of God.

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Superhero Mom said...

I had a wonderful time Michelle and it just blessed me to see the outpouring of love.


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