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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Camera Feature

How much fun would it be if this were a post about a new camera that I got!
But it's not.
I have pretty much been without a camera for about a year now and have resorted to whatever phone I use. Up until 6 weeks ago it was an LG Xenon with a pretty decent camera phone and now I have the iPhone.
iPhone is a great phone but for the quality of phone I think it's a crappy camera; yesterday in a fit to spend $1.99 I bought a new feature for my iPhone called Hipstamatic, which by the way reminds of the Shel Silverstein poem I Cannot Go To School Today, about Little Peggay Ann McKay who in one line says, " might be instamatic flu".
Anyway back to the camera story.
Then I grabbed Justin and our friend Kelly from down the street and asked if I could take pics.
I think they came out pretty good, what do you think?

OK so not as super great as I thought but I do like them! A bunch!
I'll probably buy some sort of add on pack the next time itunes starts calling my name, I swear that company is gonna 99 cent me to death- lol!
Happy day!

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