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Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Day to Myself

Yesterday I got out of town!
I had been dying to GO somewhere since the Little Vacation That Could back in August.
Since I’ve been working and Steve’s business is in it’s slow season, time and money have been holding me back.
Until yesterday, when I got the heck out of Dodge!!
Where did I go? you ask-
I went to visit a friend and sight see in St Augustine!

Although I only live an hour from there I had never been to the Historic St George Street and Old City Gate.... well, now I have!

I parked at my friend Haleigh and Breque’s apartment, visited with Breque for a little bit before I headed out to see the sights!

The Lightner Museum is an old hotel turned museum. I just did a walk through the gardens by myself and once I connected with Haleigh and Breque we stopped in to see the restaurant that sits in the bottom of the hotel's old indoor pool.

The streets are real neat in St Augustine, with the building hanging tight to the streets, pushing the gardens and lawns into courtyards beyond the walls and buildings.
This store invites visitors back into their courtyard garden, it was so neat. A brick path wove around through greenery and under a pergola while a little shed sits in the back.
The I found this store! I had to take a picture because there was a day that my friend Christin and I were seriously looking into buying one of these stores.

The Old City Gate. Finally I made it
This is the view from the courtyard of the Greek Orthodox Shrine looking out onto St George Street.

Churches and their doors.

When Haleigh got out of class the girls took me to a neat popsicle store. Yes you read that correct a store that only sells popsicles! Apprehensive at first I decided to try the peanut butter pie flavor and boy was it yummy! I'm gonna have to make another trip to try a new flavor!
We also stopped by the Presbyterian Church. Oh how I love old things, especially old buildings!

Here the are my parking hosts in front of their house/apartment! How cute is that!

I ended my adventure at the top of the St Augustine Lighthouse.
It was nice to have a day off, a day away from comfortable surroundings, away from chores and errands.
As I drove home I asked God to help me not be so quick to wish I could get away, instead that I would be quick to enjoy my day to day.
A getaway is nice and in my case was much needed, but the day in, day out- that is where life is and boy oh boy--
Life Is Good.



Karen said...

I am so happy you had such a special day to yourself and that God refreshed your spirit to such a degree that you were ready to come back to your busy household! You are a treasure! I appreciate you!

Superhero Mom said...

Love St. Augustine...on my way there tomorrow for the day. I think I might be back - to blogging that is! lol!


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