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Sunday, October 17, 2010

E-mail Update from Wano Tribe in Indonesia: Two New Brothers

We only have three more teaching sessions until we have completed our
initial phase of evangelism. The second of those three lessons will be
clearly presenting the Gospel with then teaching about Christ's acension on
the third day. We once again ask for your prayers. We will be presenting
the Gospel Monday morning here, which is Sunday evening back in North

In preparation for these next three lessons, I went through the lessons with
two Wano helpers at the end of this last week to make sure there weren't
mistakes and that they were understanding the content well. (We have done
this with every lesson we have taught up to this point as well.) After
hearing the lessons, both of the guys placed their faith in the finished
work of Christ on the cross!!

After going through the lessons with them, I was able to talk for a fair
while with one of the guys, named Temi. I flipped on my digital recorder
for a while of it and here are some snippets of what he said while we

"Back before you guys came here we were Satan's children. Since we were on
Satan's side, in order for us to change our minds, you told us that God sent
Jesus for us, that He sent Him in order to save us. That if we truly
believe that, then we are God's children... Oh Jesus, He did an amazing
thing for us. I am so happy. Before I had two hearts. Is God's talk true
or not? When you were beginning to teach us my heart was two then as well.
But then you taught us... The Lord Jesus is amazing. Jesus is amazing. He
did an amazing work for us. Jesus is amazing. I am so happy... Jesus has
already paid the punishment for my sins that I have done and will do. Jesus
is amazing. I am happy."

Be praying with us that the Lord opens the eyes of many more Wano people as
we teach them His Truth, just as He did to both Temi and Liku.

Thanks for your prayers,
Tim for the Ingles - and the Wano

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