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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pre-Wedding Pics, sorry no bride and groom

I actually took no pictures at the wedding, well that's not true I took a few with my mom's camera so we'll see if I ever get those!!
I just wanted to enjoy the day and not fuss over pics.
I did take a bunch leading up to the big event and when we get the video and professional pics I'll be sure to post some of the bride and groom.
Until then you'll have to be happy with these:

Here's a taste of what the centerpieces looked like:

The difference was that the floating candles were in the smaller jar and the medium jar held their wedding favors. The favors were bookmarks that Sarah and her friends made!
This was the head table, of course it looked much different but this was the prep station for the centerpieces.Rehearsal dinner parking at our place:
Rehearsal pictures:
Since I was the wedding coordinator I went Saturday morning with Steve, Vaughan and my dad to get the place set up. This is the view from where Pastor Ron stood. This plant stand made by my grandfather, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 94, served at the podium holding the Bible. The tree house in the tree was where Vaughan and his friend Scott spent many, many an afternoon playing. Vaughan was in that fort when he was swooped by a mama hawk, she actually swooped him twice leaving claw marks on his head!!!
Here's the opposite view from where the wedding party began their walk.
The archway they came through from the orange grove behind.
Close up of the backdrop behind the bride and groom as they exchanged their vows.
A view from behind the back drop looking at the ceremony.
I decided to leave with my boys, the last photo taken of our family for the last 17 years.
My dad was visiting and we had to take an picture from this angle!
The ceremony and reception went great! 10 days of planning and it was beautiful, I like wedding planning- hmmm, maybe a job for me??
They didn't have a traditional cake but cheesecake and chocolate cream pie instead. The toasts were heartfelt and the fellowship a blessing!
Finally they loaded their car and headed out!
Back at home I pulled my camera out.


Shasta said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I bet the wedding was wonderful. Please post wedding-day pics when you can!

Brandi said...

Just beautiful Michelle! You all did an incredible job and congratulations!!


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