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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Finally Getting a Few Thoughts Out

OK so I've sat down a few times this week to write something.
So much to say, just not sure what and how to say it?
Still learning to live in my new normal, still learning to process all of this.

I'm an adrenalin junkie.
You probably didn't know that about me, or maybe you did, either way--- I am.
I love a good rush, a good rollercoaster, staying up all night working on a project. Skydiving, bungie jumping and planning weddings in 10 days.
I thrive that way.
But as will most things I love there is a down side.
With adrenaline junkies that down side is

I crashed hard this week. Monday I started to have a sore throat, Tuesday it got alittle worse and then Wed and Thursday had me laying down at any possible chance I had. I seem to be on my way out of it, yippee!!

Oh..... and I got a job.
Yep, in the midst of the crazy wedding planning we made our way into David's Bridal and within 15 minutes I had a job offer.

I took it.
I started on Thursday.

So far, so good.
Again another chapter in my new normal.
My kids are needing me less and less,
and it appears to be time for me to step outside my comfort zone more and more.

So that is that. For now that's what I have to say.

I feel I need to give props to my blogging friend Vanessa, who I met back in 2008 at a blog party, anyway she had her baby this last Sunday!! Then she sent me a sweet e-mail saying she was praying for me and our big day last weekend! Ya know God gives us what we need when we need it and sometimes we need a hug or call or visit from a local friend and other times we need an e-mail from a blogging friend 3 states away. That day, that e-mail- I needed it. Thanks Vanessa, and thank you Lord.

Well, have a blessed Mother's Day!! And please share what your Mother's Day plans are or what you did??

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Vanessa said...

Glad it came at a good time - God is good like that, isn't He? Still praying for you!


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