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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tell People You Have No Christmas Tree Up 7 Days Before Christmas, It's Fun!

I have never had so many people think I'm a mess than right now in my life.
Apparently not having Christmas decorations or a tree up 7 days before Christmas is sacrilege and a way to get people to think you're an emotional mess.
It's also fun to get a rile out of people *smile*
Here are a few random thoughts I've had about the Holiday Season this year:

Thought #1: Why the heck do we talk about having the Christmas Spirit all year and wish it would be so, yet we move along after the tree is down and forget all the fun "wishy stuff" we said? maybe we don't forget about it but we certainly talk a lot less about it. Does the tree and music and cookies and garland really make everyone want to be kind and loving? Honestly it makes me want to puke sometimes. I would guess my total cost of Christmas, gifts, food etc costs what it would cost to rehabilitate and repair a well in Liberia or Haiti. When I see the crap all over the place I think of that. What are we spending our money on that has lasting value?

Thought #2: What is the purpose of decorating a month before the actual day of Christ's birth? My mother-in-law keeps her nativity scene up all year round. That's makes a little more sense to me.

Thought #3: why would I decorate for Christmas when December birthdays precede the holiday? How about we do one thing, then move on to the next? Just sayin'.

Thought #4: Why is alright to eat and gorge ourselves all in the name of Christ's birth. I'm sure Jesus is looking down from heaven all happy that we're drowning our Christmas Spirit in the "white devil" itself= SUGAR! or maybe for you it's eggnog with rum. Gluttony, one of the more accepted and maybe even promoted "sins" in the church.

Pics of my favorite "white devil" cookies packaged for friends this year.

Thought #5: Why is it alright at Christmas time to spend money on stupid gifts for a white elephant exchange that will just be thrown into the trash. Yeah, for real I can not bring a "real" gift to the gift exchange this year. I am having trouble with this and quite frankly will probably bring something practical. I don't want to win a funny booger throwing gizmo that was made by child labor in a sweat shop of Asia. Again if this season is about our Savior, why are we exchanging crappy gifts?

Thought #6: It is more fun to not decorate and hear all the advice you get when not doing so.

Thought #7: Have we been brainwashed to think we have to decorate early? I remember the days when Christmas decorations were rolled out the week of Thanksgiving, this year I was looking at ornaments in mid-October. What is that about? Oh I know, it's about commercialism. The advertisers are not stupid, they know advertising is a lot more than colorful colors and shiny packaging. It's about emotion and getting your/our money.

Thought #8: Back to the Christmas Spirit. While it is a lovely time of year and I do enjoy Christmas, let's not forget this is the time of the year when depression escalates and suicides soar. Is that the Christmas Spirit we want to continue throughout the year?

Thought #9: I need to stop biting my nails. Sorry that had nothing to do with Christmas just thought I'd throw that in.

and lastly thought #10: It is our family tradition to not decorate before Steve's birthday on the 16th of December. It's just what we do. My tree will go up, the decor will come out and after 2 weeks it will all go back in the box with the other plastic and wait for it's grand entrance next year. I love the holidays and couldn't ask for a more wonderful family (immediate and extended), I enjoy Christmas music and Christmas movies. Our family has tons of traditions packed into this time of year and it really rocks! I am thrilled that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday- even if we are probably several months off on the date. I love Christmas, Thanksgiving, gift giving, cookie making, tree decorating and driving around looking at the pretty lights.

I just think of a lot of other things as well.

Love you all, will post tree pics when it's up.

In the meantime check out last years tree set-up. The music was removed, due to copyright, thanks youtube; but enjoy it anyway!


Elizabeth said...

love it Michelle! And I completely agree with you! :)

Allison Reynolds said...

Hear Hear!!!!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

It's a tough balance between enjoying the season and not.

Glorianne said...

This should be published in the paper. It is that good. You have probably already seen this but Jim Gaffigan had some thoughts on the crazy things we do at Christmas.
Tim's relatives have thought I was absolutely crazy that I brought our fake tree half way across the country. One, they don't approve of a fake tree when Maine is made up of 99% trees, and two, they think there were more important things to bring. I for one like the convenience and now the tradition of opening up the tree box and letting the kids make a million trips up and down the stairs bringing up the branches from the basement. This year my 8 year old and I put it together. You can see it in the background of the girl's video that is on my wall on facebook.
Like I said....get published. This is too good.


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