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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Green Christmas

I really am one of those people who get Grinchy over the holidays.
For whatever reason I can hate them, and by them I am referring to the time from Thanksgiving until December 30th. I love wishing in the New Year!

I'm not much of a gift giver,
I rarely do Christmas cards- and if I do I send out 10 or so;
my kids don't get much gift wise, a few Legos go a long way on Christmas morning.

I do hate the commercialism of this time of year and try to avoid the stores, maybe my lack of mood stems from my lack of advertising face time. huh?

I also think it's hard when family is far away and fond memories are attached with those people. New holiday traditions have been made, don't get me wrong we love our Florida Christmas but the heartache is still there.

Here in Florida, the green,
the warmth,
the lack of ice
or snow
or frost.
These all add to my Grinchy mood.

We have no tree up, no decorations.

I gotta be honest though: I can't throw out my fall decor, the gourds are all still in good shape and the flowers still nice.

Don't worry we will decorate, after Steve's birthday in mid-December, it's what we usually do.
Until then you can find me trying to fix my broken sewing machine, sniff, sniff grrr... while listening to Green Christmas by the Bare Naked Ladies.

p.s. date tonight, very excited!

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