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Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Accident & Recovery Details

When I arrived on the scene of Steve's accident I must have already been in adrenaline mode cause it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I recalled what he looked like and my heart sank.
There he was dressed in his rain gear, when it rains your paper boy, or girl, gets wet so for Steve it was a nice set of rain gear!

As I drove closer to him I saw it.
Running down the side of his face.
Like in the movies.
Only real.
Only real on my "Hottie".

It was 2 hours later before we finally had a chance to sit down. No we didn't go to the ER, we didn't call a doctor, it's just not how we function. We took care of business, picked glass out of his head, treated open wounds and applied heat to his back/neck.

Then came the time when Steve wanted to sleep.
We had ruled out a concussion, believe it or not he had no headache, no slurred speech, according to the internet- I know scary- according to the world wide web he did not have any signs of a concussion.

After he had slept for and hour I called our BFF from high school, Justin, a nurse and yes our youngest son's namesake.
Justin was an ER nurse for 3 or 4 or so years!

"Tell me what you'd do if he had come into your ER?"

I did everything he said (except the xrays and ct scan, and yes he said take him to the hospital), I even had plans that day and worked around them to make sure Steve was being woken and tended to.

Saturday afternoon- he was still sleeping; if you call me waking him every hour and a half sleeping.
Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night: in bed.
Still pretty sure it was muscle only injury.

Then on Monday morning we made the short trek to the Veterans Hospital. What a wonderful experience that was. In and out in 4.5 hours. Here's all we did:
-intake lady
-triage nurse
- Doctor
-1 hour lunch break
-x-ray tech
-ct tech

It really was a miracle that we made it in and out so quick.
The intake lady said, " God is on your side, I've never seen this" as she booked us a triage nurse appointment immediately.
Then the triage nurse said, "Someone is on your side, I've never seen this" as she sent us to the appointment with the doctor: immediately.

Two things helped me through this time.
Both from Psalm 118
"His love endures forever"
"in the name of the Lord I cut them off"

I struggle with feeling loved/accepted/favored/rejected, blah, blah, blah so you can imagine what my self talk sounded like.

God brought this Psalm to my attention on Friday BEFORE the accident and I stood firm on the fact that God's love for me endures forever.

I read the chapter over Steve as he lay in bed and as we were sitting in Waiting Room C I looked at Steve and said, "'His love endures forever'- it's gotta be personal and it is for me and for you, right now we are in that forever!"

I also claimed, as the Psalmist did, that when the enemy, in our case Steve's injuries and our "oh no, what's next, doomsday" mindset, would be, in the name of the Lord cut off.
Over and over in my head I went over these two truths and it was a peaceful day.
I love how God's Word does that.
It does what it says.
Every time.

So here we are.
Alive and well.
I did stay on my adrenaline high until Tuesday when i slept real good and on Wednesday when I think I finally crashed.
Any adrenaline junkie knows that coming down off that kind of high takes it toll.
Good sleep comes after not-so-good times.

So that's it for today on the accident.
and one more thing:
wear your seatbelt- all the time!

accident pics here.

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Superhero Mom said...

Praise God! My boys were so concerned for Mr. Shell!! We love you guys!!


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