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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Waking Up

Monday morning after Thanksgiving.
When the boys were little we didn't do school at all in the month of December and any at home job I was working, I took December off.

Well, not anymore. Today I am back at the duties of managing my home.
Since I'm not all that great of an expert at "doing" household things, I turn to the pro I love best: Martha Stewart.

She says there are 6 thing we should do every day:
1. Make the bed
2. Manage clutter & insists other do too!
3. Sort the mail
4. Clean as you cook
5. Wipe up spills when they are fresh
6. Sweep the kitchen floor

Wow, those are so simple; now for me to put my nose to the grindstone and do it!

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. After cooking and cleaning up on Thursday I did nothing until Sunday after church. I was so relaxed, it was so much fun!
We ate on paper plates,
we ate leftovers,
I made meatballs enough for two nights dinner,
I sat by the fire,
we went to a rockin' party,
I napped, I sewed, I didn't watch any tv,
we just had the most relaxing time.
That I am thankful for!

Well, now that it's December 1st I can pull out my Christmas CD's, I have a rule: no Christmas music until December 1st.
Here's my Christmas CD collection in no particular order:
the Regis Philbin Christmas album
Barnaked Ladies, Barnaked for the Holidays
Carlos Whittaker, A Ragamuffin Christmas
Wow Christmas

I need to go I have to finish doing the 6 things I should do every day to maintain and manage my home. So far I've done #'s 1 and 5, now on to the others- oh and my Christmas music, can't forget that; I think I'll start with Barnaked Ladies song #2: Green Christmas.
Ahh... the Christmas Season has begun.

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