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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

Thirteen Things I'll miss about MY OMI who passed away on
January 10, 2007

1. I'll miss having tea with her each Tuesday after drum lessons

2. I'll miss hearing about how we Americans are nothing like the Germans

3. I'll miss her telling me how beautiful I am

4. I'll miss the smell of her burnt German food

5. Sadly I'll miss choking down that food

6. I'll miss doing her hair and applying her sunless tanning lotion

7. I'll miss her strength in persevering on through hard times

8. I'll miss getting yelled at for wearing jeans to Thanksgiving Dinner

9. I'll miss seeing my boys helping her out by cleaning the car or carrying heavy things

10. I'll miss her huge purse and costume jewelry

11. I'll miss her hugs

12. I'll miss her listening ear when I just want to carry on about something stupid

13. I'll miss her.

May you rest in the peace of our Lord, Omi, you are missed.

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