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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Just another day

Just another day...
So today we came close to wrapping up the boys room. It was a week ago that we carefully packed everything into boxes and cleared out the room for new flooring. The boys had been living with bare cement floors for like almost 2 years and they were accustomed to it and fought the change tooth and nail. We have nicknamed V our little hampster because of his desire for things to remain the same. Well since he's like 13 and I'm like Napoleon THE MOM we moved everything out, with a good attitude I might say, and the new flooring went down on Fri/Sat of last week.
Then came the hard part, putting it back together - yuck! We are great project starters at this house and not so great finishers. Yesterday I loaded what and where I desired for things to go an dthen looked at the other like 50 boxes sitting around my living room and office and realized it wasn't all going to fit. So I cleared out 2 drawers in the war zone family room and explained that the boys needed to go through their stuff, if it didn't fit on the shelves in their bedroom or in the drawer they have in the family room then it had to go! Well so far V has done some clearing out and I think J is just now learning about what it is I said to do with the stuff (he's reading this currently).
So I really should be running, still have dinner to cook and I'm determined to get this whole bedroom thing cleared up before I rest tonight, or early tomorrow morning. Jump over to my friend Lisa's blog and read what she has to say about life in her household, I think you'll find it funny and realized just how special each of our homes are.

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