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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Exterior House Help!

Help I need some outside decorating help! Due to recent renovations my house is changing appearance and I need help, can anyone offer some.

First of all I live in a brick stucco house, that means my house looks like it's made of brick when in fact it is stucco cut to look like brick. Since we've added a few new outside walls, a color change is neccesary. Now I can restain my stucco, which will take a while, a long while we've been told, but I would have a brick looking house. Another option is to paint my "brick", seams and all. What do you all think of painted brick? What's a girl to do?

Here are some photos to help you out.

Here's a great photo showing the new and old brick color (thank God I will be getting away from the pink brick):

Here's another showing the new front door, please excuse the mess in landscaping and such.

Also hubby bought these exterior lights, should I have him take them back?
Do they go with a brick house?
Thansk you all.

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