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Sunday, January 07, 2007

My First Real Goal

I have a goal. I mean a real life goal. Not a I wanna loose weight or eat better goal more like a long time goal; one that will take months, years, sacrifice and perseverance coupled with patience. After seeing the movie Blood Diamond, which hurt my heart bytheway, I was confirmed that my desire to serve for Christ in an African or South American country has more to it than I have been thinking. I have lots to say about that movie, but that will have to be later.

OK so I've had a heart for missions since, like birth. I was raised in a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, so duh? missionary, it's in the name; this was supplemented by Word of Life International, again, international... missions, throw in the most important thing: a natural, God-given heart for missions. So as you see the desire, the heart has always been there.

So that's when my life "gets in the way", I spent so much of my younger years living for myself rather than God that I found myself in a place where missions work is hard if not impossible (yes of course, nothing is impossible with God- this could explain my hubby's recent missions trip to Africa.); anyway due to 1. a large sum of money owed to Sallie Mae and her college loan friends, and 2. two kids, who we had when we were just kids and are eating their way through the checkbook, we're broke! Here we sit waiting patiently until the time comes when, if this is God's will, we will be able to serve God elsewhere.

So here's where my goal comes in. We've actually had this goal for a year now, I just have a new sense of purpose toward this goal. The goal: to become debt-free in 10-13 years! I believe with God this is possible and I am excited to travel down this path toward a real life goal! In this past year we whittled down our debt so I know we have it in us, with God's help, to reach our goal!

I lift this goal up to the Lord as well as our new business venture. May He be first in our lives, in our business and in our heart and mind. May we love Him with all our heart, soul and strength.

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