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Monday, September 07, 2009

It's Done!

Steve completed my raised garden bed!!!!
I love watching him work, he has my favorite hands *smile*

Here is the completed garden bed!
I got up this morning first thing and weed-whacked the heck out of the grass to expose the roots, then I spent a good chunk of time pulling the roots up.

I needed some dirt therapy, so I filled a small portion of the bed with some nice soil. I plan to get the remainder of the soil on Tuesday or Wednesday. +relief+

If you read the original post over here than you know I originally wanted two beds, one would have been higher than the other but we decided it was better use of the wood if we made one big one!

Did I mention all this wood was free?
It was.
Happy Hand Washing!



Superhero Mom said...

this is exactly what Mike wants to do in our backyard. I'm so excited for you. My husband is such a will be awhile before ours is even birthed. (maybe this will encourage him)!

About your comment to my post...yes it makes me want to hyperventilate when I think about my boys even falling in love for real! UGH! So the yucky stage...I thought that should be about now? it possible we may never hit that stage? are so much closer to the marrying stage than I am...thank God!

Katie said...

lookin' good...funny we're all talking about gardens! The chickens are getting really big and I figure they should start laying aroung early November, just in time for Thanksgiving deviled eggs...yum!
Now, we're on the cow topic- buy a calf raise it and butcher it / all to be split between families that want to go in on it:)
You interested?


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