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Monday, September 07, 2009

The Heart Hurt Factor

One of the hidden treasures in parenting is the "heart hurt factor". We feel it when they are little and get their first set of shots, when they fall off their bicycle, break their arm, and when they realize Santa isn't real.

Recently I experienced a different kind of hurt heart, the one when I saw the look in my child's face when he realized he had been left out of an event all his friends were at.

My heart broke, it ached, it hurt. If only I could be rejected instead of him.

It made me think of Jesus and His rejection. How alone He must have felt as his friends and fellow people ignored, ridiculed, mocked, spit, beat and threw things at Him. I wonder if He really did feel alone and rejected; or did He feel at peace, comforted? After all He is God. He is perfect and complete. Feelings? yes, He was also 100% man.

I bet he did feel rejected, I bet His flesh wanted to rain down lighting and holler out to the earth to quake, putting all the rejection and hurt to rest.

He didn't.

He chose a higher path. A path of joy. I bet the words "hurt so good" never rang more true than that day on the cross. He knew He had to suffer, to be rejected, to be alone and left out in order for God's perfect, good will to be complete.

So as my heart breaks for my son I find a depth of encouragement in the cross. The hurt and rejection can only be for the strengthening of me, for him. I also can't help think a little rejection is good for the soul, to be able to relate to my Savior in this way.

My heart continues to ache as I recall the look on his face.
The "heart hurt factor" of parenting is not going away anytime soon. I'm still learning that.

Lord, I life my children up to You today. If my heart aches like it does I know Yours breaks even more. You have good things in store for these little ones You've entrusted to me and so I find peace in knowing this rejection and hurt can only be used to glorify You. Draw them near to YOU oh Lord, teach them through this. Thank you bunches for them.


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Katie said...

I can hear your heart and I can relate to your hurt. I agree but I don't think it will ever go away...just provide oppurtunities to draw close to Him and find peace in Him! Love ya, Friend


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