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Friday, September 11, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie

My chicken pot recipe:
-chicken enough to feed your family, I use 1.5 pounds
-3 chicken bouillon cubes or bags
-salt and pepper
-large cream of chicken soup
-frozen veggies, I most often use carrots
-2 refrigerator pie crust, or your own recipe for pie crusts

24 hours before meal place chicken in the crock pot along with 3 chicken bouillon cubes and salt and pepper.

day of meal:
remove chicken from crock pot and shred in a large bowl, I just use 2 forks to tear the chicken apart
stir in cream of chicken and vegetables
add salt and pepper to taste

Next line pie pan with 1 of the crusts,
fill with chicken mixture,
top with second crust.

Using a sharp knife write anything you want for vent holes on your pie

Bake at whatever the pie crust says to bake it at, usually about 350

I cover mine with a napkin that I did my first redwork project on

I was still trying to figure out which color red was the "right" one. In this picture you can see the two different color threads I used, this difference isn't so easily seen in real life

The chicken pot pie was a huge hit and I'm sorry if you are an exact measurment person, I am hit or miss. I tend to follow directions in baking and not in cooking!
I hope you give the recipe a try and share one of your own.
Happy Cooking,


Glorianne said...

Mine is different everytime. Sometimes I add some shredded cheddar for some zap. I have not started with the crock put. What a great idea. Of course I sold my crock pot so I need to find another.

Katie said...

looks yummy...we will try this one maybe as another of Faith's weekly meals. I think she would have fun with it...Thanks!

Superhero Mom said...

Yum! Perhaps you can soon start putting your own veggies from your very own garden in your pot pie! So proud of you! So such a beautiful, young, technology hip Mom who still enjoys good home cookin'!

coldbayprincess said...

mmmmm. cute red work. i haven't forgotten our project.


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