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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Suncoast Classic, Feb 2008

I thought it best to sum up our St Pete/Race day trip in pictures, so here goes... enjoy.

It was about an hour into our arrival that I thought "What am I doing here? Am I not surrounded by enough testosterone at home?"

Cribbage, the old faithful- I think I've watched them play this game for a good 15 years.

The big day, waiting in the hallway for Steve to finish doing his hair.

Tying his shoes before the run- it was about now that I wondered what we'd got him into.

Getting lined up, Vaughan the only one running in big, size 14, basketball sneakers.

After the race.

We were a few blocks from the race festivities so we went back to the room and showered and changed before heading back down for the awards.

Vaughan with his 1st place prize backpack with goodies. He finished 1st place in his gender/age group, boys age 10-14. Not bad for never running more than 2 miles at any one time; 28:20 I think was his time.

Justin being silly.

Good times


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