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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hair Coloring Comment

I read a post today over at Living Proof and it spoke about hair coloring. Beth, the author, was shocked that a women, well past her twenties, had never colored her hair!

So I admit: my name is Michelle, I'm 33-years-old and never colored my hair.

While it's not out of the realm of possibilities for me, I don't foresee myself getting any color or highlights for quite some time. I'm not even sure if color and highlights mean the same thing? Heck I even had my husband cut my hair for several years. Oh if Beth read this she'd probably be gasping for breath right now.

Of course as a child I wanted so badly to be a blonde. Don't blondes have more fun? Anywho, I never did go blonde and through prayer and the Holy Spirit I have learned to like my hair color. I know red is a cool color now but as a child in the 70's and 80's it was not cool to be a redhead and I endured a lot of teasing. So the acceptance of my hair was BIG in many areas of my life.
So just for fun here's a recent, I don't look great, photo of my hair, perfectly colored by God and getting rather long I might add.

And please no comment on my facial expression, my un-toned arms and pale skin, or the state of the background of this photo. The room is probably looking the same, the un-toned arms are a work in progress and the pale skin--- well in my eyes pale is in!


1 comment:

Creative Chick said...

Michelle I love your hair! I love your beautiful hair! It is such a pretty color that totally suits you!


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