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Monday, March 31, 2008

Rockin' Out

I know I've mentioned the fact that just about anything grows here in Florida, I know that should not have shocked me- but it did and still does.

Another interesting thing I found out about Florida is that natural rocks do not exist in our area of FL. When we first moved in I decided to set out in the woods to find some rocks for a natural border around my flower bed. Needless to say I learned first hand about Florida underbrush but I found no rocks.

What we do have is coquina rock. if you're not familiar with coquina rock it is a rock made of compressed together shells that are still a little rough. Florida is nothing more than a sand bar so we get coquina! It's also hard to come by and can costs big bucks! All my coquina came from local sand pits.
So for today I will give you the rock tour of my yard. Please note I chose to blog instead of weeding my garden today.

This is one of the larger pieces

Here's a coquina rock border

We also have large shells.

You can also find pieces of cement that have been washed up on the beach.

We have also brough in our own. These are from NC mountains, Virginia and Africa.

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