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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Did Anyone Out There Miss Me?

...please for my own self-esteem, someone say yes *smile*

Ok, so I'm back a day early.
With Easter tomorrow and back to work and school on Monday I don't see much time for blogging and wanted to say hi to all.

It's been busy around here these last 40 days. I've had a good break from all things internet (for the most part) and have totally emptied out, cleaned out and put back together my bedroom and living room. Our current address is the longest we've lived anywhere in our 15 years of marriage. My past major house cleaning consisted of renting a U-Haul, so this time I figured I needed to do as close to moving as possible. It feels good!

Let's see over the past 40 days, we've had kittens born, Vaughan ran a 5K, Justin was promoted in karate and he turned 12. Steve got a new job, we registered Vaughan for public high school, I started a new workout/self-defense program that's been kicking my butt and defining some long lost muscles- lovin' it!! I've started back to gardening and focusing on a "mistake" pumpkin patch as well as got the perimeter of my veggie garden layed out and built. We've fought, we've laughed, we've yelled and cried in the last 40 days. We've shaved the dog and built a sandbox for all my friends little ones, I've become addicted to Guitar Hero and am thrilled we don't own that game but yearn for the day a friend lets us borrow theirs!! I've settled on the missions trip the boys and I'll take this summer (sorry Steve work calls your name) and even been given the opportunity to serve myself in inner-city Detroit. We've eaten Mexican food a lot and the boys are becoming salad freaks!! This is a good thing since they love, love, love to eat junk food!!

side note on parenting: it doesn't matter what you feed your kids as babies and toddlers, if they have a sweet or salty tooth- it'll come out later no matter what! No. Matter. What.

So it's been a busy, fun, adventurous 40 days.
I'm back!
I'll post pics from the 5k in February today and then be back to share the past 40 days as well as some thoughts I've had on living green, homeschool, parenting, relationships.

Oh yeah... my favorite... I've been busy with my redwork and embroidery- tons of completed pics to show as well as others in the works. Lots of babies coming this spring/summer so I'm busy, busy, busy and lovin' it! I've also been challenged in my craftiness- hmmm, a new challenge is good.

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coldbayprincess said...

so glad you are back, i missed you just haven't been the same, i check yur eather via goggle daily. it is still blizzard weather here. ugh. love to your boys, xoxox, molly


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