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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boys of Summer

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Sitting here watching the Red Sox game, recalling a realization I had today in a conversation with Justin today. It went like this:

j:"I think I'm a southerner, I only lived in Oklahoma for 2 years and NH for 3, I've been in Florida 6. Technically, I'm a Southerner."

My heart stopped for a minute. What's a Yankee mom to do? Is this truly my chid claiming to b from south of the Mason-Dixon line? No, not MY son!

me:"Yes dear, but you've been raised by Yankee parents, so you're a Yankee."

j: "No, mom I'm a Southerner."

I know he's right so I give in. Then I remember the one bit of Yankee he does have in him.

me: "Who's you're favorite NFL team?"

j: "The Patriots."

me:"and baseball?"....with a smile.

"The Red Sox", he laughs and we all join him,

............darn it, as I've been writing this the Rockies just scored. Yuck!
We're still up 61, anyway.

So I learned something today, I learned that my Justin truly walks to a different beat and I love him. The conversations and laughs we had with him during this conversation is just one reason why I love hanging out with my kids; they're fun to be with!

I also learned I have a Southerner for a youngest son. I guess I knew it all along; I, being 1/2 Southern (mom) and 1/2 Yankee (dad), had a decent chance of having a Southern child- after all my oldest brother is a Southerner at heart.
ending only naturally with this quote from Cheryl Crow,

"Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? A little too ironic, yeah I really do think."


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