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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You May Say That I'm a Dreamer

I am such a torn spirit.

I see the potential in anything.
An old dresser,
curtains with a great pattern.
...Yet simple seems so clean.
Simple can be calming, can a wall covered in art, photos and decor.

I've recently slimmed down my closet,
weeded out my fabric collection
and am in a state of re-doing.

I've also worked on slimming down my life,
no longer hosting weekly woman's gatherings and lunches,
said no to some teaching requests
deciding to simply focus on 
youth ministry and my home.

Which brings me to my home.

Our home.

We've lived inside these walls for 9 years
and I think it's time for some changes.
Changes on the walls,
changes to the furniture and fixtures.

Eclectic in my thinking and in my decorating
I hope to tell a story between our walls.
A story of who lives here.
A story of our lives.

I plan to take you along on this journey as I am inspired by Pinterest and blogs,
who knows maybe you'll get an idea or two along the way.
I'd love to see your place.
Your ideas.

I'd also love to actually DO what I plan to do.
You may say that I'm a dreamer,
I am a dreamer.
Dreamers can sometimes dream outside reality.
Dream instead of do.
This time I plan to dream IN reality
and actually DO what I dream.

With that said I am off to settle down and do some dreaming,
I even have the notebook and pillow to prove it.

Happy dreaming to you too,

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