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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mystery Travel

You may not know that I have a small obsession with vacation and trip planning.
I love maps and I love to travel.
I also love excitement and learning in travel.
There is nothing better than heading out with no real destination in mind, or better yet having that destination a mystery.
So you can just imagine how thrilled I was when my niece Dani asked me to plan a mystery trip for her and her friend over Thanksgiving holiday.
I wish so much I could share the details, but I can't- not until after the trip.

It's been a challenge with a tight, college student budget and I am a little nervous the trip will be boring for them...
...but I am excited anyway!

I also use this post as an open invite to any of you who want to travel on a mystery trip, let me know. I can work in any budget and as long as you have an open mind the trip will be unforgettable!

Stay posted.

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