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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why I Am Apping Less

I don't even know if "apping" is a word,
actually I'm sure it's not.
I am using it to refer to all the apps I click on on my iPhone.
Well, apps I use to click on.

About a month ago I deleted the Facebook app
and then more recently I deleted Instagram and Pinterest.
Yes Instagram.
I deleted Instagram.
Really, I did-- and yes I miss it.
I've been Instagraming for longer than any of my real friends and I think that may be why I decided to step back.
The shear number of minutes it takes to scan through and view everyone's photos takes away from the people right here in front of my face.

The shear number of minutes it takes to post a picture on Instagram allows time for the baby to tip something over or for me to miss out on words in a conversation.

Last night we went to the movies, just Steve and I;
several times I wanted to Instagram the moment,
share it;
but I had left my phone at home
I don't have the app on my phone to post it anyway.
When the movie was over I felt a sense of enjoyment different than in the past weeks.
A freedom. I had just had an enjoyable evening with my man and no one knew it, just us.
except now I've blogged about it so does that make it a mute point?

I can't explain the lightness I have,
the freedom in the now
the picture and memory in my head.

Now please don't get me wrong I am a lover of all things online,
social networking,
it's just for my life right now I am desiring simple.
And deleting all of those apps really helped in achieving this goal.

I've made more of an effort to stop in at friends,
of course I just got news that some very special people in my life just starting Instagraming and that makes me sad, cause I really do like Instagram, and twitter.

For now @mspanos is chilling out in the real world, 
the flesh and bones world,
where I can hear the laughter,
smell the food,
and feel the wind in my hair.

How about you, what's your favorite social network?
have you ever thought about leaving it?


Aleatha said...

This makes me think - good stuff

Superhero Mom said...

I am one that just started instagraming. lol! I cut back on Facebooking, but I have a large outside local group of people that I love and love me back. I also am very intentional about my face time - I've never lacked in that area. In fact, oddly enough if you as my family, I've had to be intentional about cutting back on my "face" time with other people...because it was taking me away from my own family. They prefer to have me here...with them...and I like that too. ;) So glad God makes us all so unique! ♥ Great talking to you this week by the way! ;)

Doris said...

I applaud you!!! Yes, I too have cut back on the obsession of social media...I like to check facebook in the morning to see if I need to wish a good friend "Happy Birthday"...I do check twitter, and post a tweet here and there...I stopped taking the number of followers personally, lol! I mean really, the number changes daily and makes you wonder :) Every single moment with those we love is precious...we can never get them back once those moments pass...
Thanks for sharing...good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh...that's the sound of relief coming from your "man" knowing that I no longer need to compete for your attention with hundreds of people I don't know; no, now it's only "the babies", the kids, the women of women's ministry, via de cristo, the youth, the youth staff, Detroit, and all the other people who's lives you pour yours into. However, that's why God created California. Soon I will have you all to myself, well other than sharing you with Dani, Philip and Tereana, their girls, Kristen and Martin, perhaps your cousin Steven and maybe my cousin Ashley, oh yeah and let's not forget Sentinal Dome, Lake Mono, and Tuolome Meadows;) Well I guess it wouldn't be fair if I kept you all to myself, and if I have to share you to be with you then that's a sacrifice I am willing to deal with. But thanks for not making me sacrifice too much=) thanks for making me (and Cali;) a priority. You're the best...I mean really are. Love you-svs

Natalie Montgomery said...

I too have cut back...I post on instantaneous purely for family overseas.


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