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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DC Trip

If you have ever visited Washington DC then you know how much walking is involved. I think we pretty much took it easy regardless of the fact that we did a bunch of walking.

While staying in DC we rented a condo in Columbia Heights. A perfect place with a grocery store, target and Starbucks right around the corner. We purchased week long Metro passes and the Columbia Heights station was 2 blocks away.

The babies, as we referred to Illana and Aubry, did good; it did take them a few days to adjust to napping in the strollers but with movement and heat they eventually would fall asleep.

 Here we are headed down to catch the Metro.
After seeing our National Archives we grabbed lunch from a stand outside the Sculpture Garden while waiting for Steve and Aubry to show up, they ended up waiting inside in a spot with no cell phone reception until Steve eventually called and we connected again.

 Most days we were back home by 4 and the babies were loving the freedom from the stroller, they could crawl and move!!
 Of course we visited the monuments at night- and had a full moon to boot!

One morning Vaughan, Cliff and I woke up and saw the monuments at sunrise, that was nice because we were alone!
Since it was vacation Steve, Aubry and I spent one whole day in the condo. I ate Oreos and milk, we watched Burn Notice and just simply relaxed.
 How could I not take this picture.
 Here is Aubsy in her stroller, a true blessing from God (both Aubs and the stroller).
Here is the view from the top of the Old Post Office, the third highest point in DC after the Capitol and the Washington Monument.

Of course we had to visit Ford Theatre.

Cliff ended up being a favorite of both "the babies".

Overall it was a good time. Relaxing. Fun and a nice time to just enjoy our family without the day to day duties of home and work. I am so thankful for my family, I enjoy them so much.


Superhero Mom said...

Ahhh...that was fun to read. I miss DC. Can't wait to take my own family some day! So glad you enjoyed your time away! I loved reading was nice to live vicariously through your photos and words! Love you girl!

American in Bath said...

So glad it went well. I love DC and wish I hadn't waited for my 30s to visit it. Man are you people photogenic.

Missy said...

Makes me nostalgic for DC. We just loved living there and would go back again if we had the chance. I'm so glad you got to enjoy it with your family!


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