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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I'd like to do this week is get another tattoo...

Another week has ended and another one begins.
This week, however; is...
I love Spring Break,
growing up it was called April Vacation and it always meant a trip to Florida.

Grandparents, beach, pool, Disney.

Now, I live here, 
in sunny Florida and Spring Break means our beach season officially begins.

This week... we are down a family member as my niece visits with her dad in Arizona.
This week... we'll travel north to visit my cousin,
we'll go to the beach,
we'll set up the slip-n-slide,
we'll officially get the pool ready,
and we'll, I'll, begin a healthier lifestyle.

Yep, basically, I am gonna eat more greens,
eat less often, eat smaller portions
and I may even throw in a yoga session or two.
Somehow, over the last few weeks months, or maybe years, I've let the food and lack of motion get out of control, or no control, or something like that. 

It's kind of hard when you love chocolate and sweet tea and highly dislike treadmills, running, eliptical machines, gyms, you get the idea --- oh if I could only have the time to join a gymnastics gym, that's my kind of workout.

Anyhoosel, that's the upcoming week around our place.

Whatever your week offers I hope it's a good one.

For now I'm making a movie run with 2 of my boys.... oh how I love those boys of mine.

peace and love to you all

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes spring break...another opportunity to stay busy working so that it doesn't become spring broke, mortgages, phone and electric bills to pay...yards to mow and fertilize, decks to build and rebuild, yes the beautification period is upon us! But I'm glad my family gets to have a little fun otherwise, why work?;)-smooches-svs


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