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Monday, March 26, 2012

Life Around Here

On any given day, I or Sarah may look like this:
 Illana has a repurposed table and chairs set that is so cute. She sits and eats snack and just this week ha started to sit and color at it.
 Oh, and she is a climbing and LOVES to get up onto anything.
 And again, on any given day really any one of us can have this group of sweetness invading our space :)
 I took Aubry to David Bridal to see the girls- here she is on the pedestal.
 Steve and I have been faithful about date night, only we've added some nights with friends. I love that but this week I need some Steve time!
 We found this for Illana. She is a music lover so this is perfect.
 Speaking of Illana...
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, happy Monday.
Peace, love and Jesus,


Superhero Mom said...

♥ So proud of you with date night. We did it for one year (had Haleigh Smith on salary)...but then we went broke and she got a real job. lol!! For so long we didn't go out ever (just our life at the time...mostly with Pop)...and we hardly do now, but always enjoy the moments when we make it a priority. Need to work on that again. Great pictures!

Aleatha said...

aw . . . the smiles of those we love, especially the babies! Those smiles can make any day a brighter day. Go you, with all that "bonus" love!

Allison Reynolds said...

Date night is so important..enjoy! I saw that same record player at classy kids in Daytona...brought back lots of memories:)

Simply Dani said...

Why is she so big?!?


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