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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pushed to Love

Wow, has it really been since Monday that I posted?

This week went by quick,
this month for that matter.

Today we visited a local festival, rode rides, got tons of free stuff from local businesses and just enjoyed a nice morning out and about.

The kids did good.
It was me, 16-year-old, 10-year-old, 4-year-old and baby girl :)

I think one of the toughest parts about having foster kids, for lack of a better term, is the difference in parenting styles.
Not saying one way is better, just different.
I am also reminded of how hard this period is in the lives of these children.

As foster parents, we get blamed for the removal from their home; so often I am told I am not nice or it has been said by the 4-year-old that he wishes good for everyone but me; and usually this all comes after making him carry his own beach toys or eat his veggies. So public events can certainly be a challenge.

Days like today, when we visit a public event, I am ever so reminded of the differences in parenting.

We rarely took our kids to festivals,
well not really ones with rides and amusements; 
free music or art festivals we frequented,
but... and if you  know me this won't surprise you,
the commercialized, spend-a-ton-of-money, eat-a-bunch-of-super-yummy-crap type of event isn't exactly what we do, or did. So perhaps my parenting at these events is just not practiced enough.

Anyway, today I was reminded that not all parents tell their kids no to squirt games, 
or no to buying more ride tickets or all you can ride bracelets,
not all parents make their kids carry their own stuff,
or say no to sodas,
not everyone packs their own snacks and water to these type of events. 
No, not all parents stop and talk to friends at every other booth,
or literally stop to smell the flowers,
or watch a bug crawl,
or say yes to getting wet in the sprinkler, while fully dressed, in a public place,
reminded that not all kids have been allowed to wear 2 different shoes out and about.

But today was good.
We meshed well today, the "extras" and I.
I mean- I was told that I was not nice and that the day was not fun after telling said 4-year-old no I wouldn't carry him; but it was a good day.

So now Saturday night is upon us and I wait patiently for my sweet, handsome hubby to come home.

As I wait and type I am reminded that our differences, in parenting or just in life, can drive us to hate,
or push us to love.

Hate can pull hard, but I am choosing to let love push me even harder, perhaps even push me down, flat on my face.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and if you are local, check out the Edgewater Festival this weekend,
and gosh darnit buy your kids ride tickets- yolo.

Peace, love and Jesus,

I probably should put the disclaimer in that while we did not frequent traveling amusement rides, my 18-year-old has never been to a fair, we did frequent theme parks- due to my roller coaster and "Mouse' obsession my family knows the Orlando theme park scene like the back of their hand. Darn "the man" and his pull on my wallet, and time.

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