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Saturday, March 24, 2012

FB Blues- Ever Had Them?

I have taken breaks from Facebook before.
And when I do the reaction of people that know me best is laughter,
they know I really like social media.

I have had the conversation about the FB Blues with several people.
You know, you read someone's status and feel like your life sucks.
Your friend went to a theme park 
or on a vacation, 
or heck they may have even gone to the corner store...
and what have you done?
You've barely survived that day 
with a co-worker who is mean 
or a boss who belittles you 
or expects too much, 
some days it's enough for you to feed and cloth the children, 
get them to school and do homework,
heck getting out of bed was a miracle for you

and then there it is on FB for all to see... your friend has just spent a relaxing day at the beach, or shopping or creating something fabulous.

And then there's the party you weren't invited to,
the BFF list you didn't make.
you hate FB, 
dislike your friend 
and maybe even curse at your computer.
You swear you won't go back on FB or you surely won't check So-and-So's status, 
then something draws you back.

Well I struggle with that.
And I wonder if when I post things I, in turn cause those feelings in others.

Then in my life recently there is family drama,
I know it's been said of me (said in a disgusted manner) "I know all about Michelle's FB posts". 
What does that even mean?

Or what about relationships that have been torn apart because of bad words exchanged on FB. If you don't know anyone who has been defriended on FB and it carried over into real life then you're not talking to enough of your "friends".

And friends, who has 378 friendships with meaning anyway?

So, although I've said it before,
I'll say it again,
FB and I will be drifting apart.

Now my far away friends and family don't worry- I like keeping up with you, that's why I like FB- although Skype is quickly replacing that.

Local friends,
well I am focusing on you more and more; 
no, it won't be all of you, 
because I can't have a true, deep, real, authentic relationship with that many people.
So if you want to invite me to your birthday or a 21 Party, please I love bags and am yet to even see a catalog, well, please do not invite me via FB.

NO thanks FB cyber relationships, 
I am, 
and have been, 
and want to choose to live in the flesh,
the real life,
the face to face, meet at the beach or the park or your back yard.

I wanna look at you when I am happy, or sad or bitchy;
and I want you to look at me when you feel the same.

I wanna "like" your life because I am participating in it with you.
I wanna SEE your kids laugh and play, 
hear them, 
yell at them with you, 
joke with them and laugh at you WITH them.

I want you to know me.
To burp "my" baby,
to know my granddaughter's laugh,
to watch me try to do this thing called life.

So with that said I may or may not blog on a regular basis.
I will most likely still Instagram
and perhaps tweet a little, 
but FB and I, 
well the season is coming for us to not spend that much time together.

So what about you? What do you REALLY think about FB? 


Katie said...

Best blog post ever! REAL! You know how I feel, I burp your baby and you laugh at me with my kids...cause we do REAL life together and when I count face to face friends you are #1.

Shasta said...

Michelle, I totally get what you are saying here! I've had many of these same thoughts. Some days other people's posts make me feel like sh** and other days, I worry that my posts have the same effect on others. I wish I could walk away from facebook (I'd have some more free time each day, that's for sure) but I don't think I can, at this point. Especially living so far from home. While facebook certainly can't replace or replicate "real" life friendships, it is nice to have a glimpse into the lives of old friends (like you) and feel like we still know each other a little bit. I will miss your posts!

Steve said...

I think we all go through these periods of hating or loving FB. It almost feels like we need to spend time on it, but it's really only here if we want to use it. If I have time, I update. If I don't have time, I just enjoy reading about other people and their adventures and family....especially Michelle, cause she always has a smile. :-)

Michelle said...

I do see the benefits of FB and enjoy keeping in touch with far away friends/family- I think right now it just feels like something pulling on me, yet another thing wanting my time.

Allison Reynolds said...

Totally understand! By the way, I am having a 21 party in April, to benefit a friends adoption fund...I will definitely invite you...haha,will you accept a text invite?

dinelle said...

loved this post michelle! so right on! i wish i could quit facebook as well, if it weren't for living away from home. in some cases i think i actually have "talked" more to some of my family through facebook than i would have without it. however, i also prefer a face to face or even exchanging actual words, as you know! i would love to "see" more of my actual friends whether they be here in nj or from anywhere else, it just seems that everyone is so busy in today's world to actually set aside some of there time to spend with others. i follow your posts and look forward to them, not because i think your life is "perfect" but just because you are a role model to me and it makes me feel good to be a part of your life! i often think the same thing, who are the people in my life that feel the same way about me?? maybe i will never know?


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