Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock the Boat

"to look after orphans" from James 1:27

I'm not really sure where to begin this post? so I guess I'll start at the beginning.
Where is the beginning?
The beginning could go back years, months, or for this matter a week.
For time's sake today, for this post it goes back to Friday.

November, 11th, 2011

Lots of weddings happened last Friday,
I know because I sold about 10 brides their wedding dress for that day.

But that is not what I am posting about.

It all started with a message at work for me: I had a phone call.
The person on the other end said something like this:
"a young lady who is incarcerated has given birth and wants to know if you want the baby."

me: "Um, can I call you back?"

I know.
Welcome to my life.

After my shift ended I made my way to the hospital and through the Lord's working I got to hold this precious little girl.

Saturday was a whirlwind day, as all Saturdays are when you work in a bridal shop, and then Sunday morning brought us into court.

Yeah I know Sunday morning court doesn't seem to make sense but it happens and we were there.
Before I knew it DCF was inspecting my house, asking questions and it looks as though we are on the road to having temporary custody of a little bundle of joy.

See years ago I dreamed of another baby, years ago I thought foster care would be a good idea, months ago a baby was conceived and a week ago my husband, with no prompting from me, spoke the words I longed to hear coming into agreement with my heart on caring for the orphans around us.

So you probably should congratulate me on having a baby and fitting into my regular jeans the same day.

Today is another day in court and hopefully some baby holding time.

As of today little baby girl is in the NICU getting the love she needs from the amazing doctors and nurses there;
unsure of when we'll bring her home, we have prepared a place for her here in our home.
I will hopefully keep you all posted on this space.

I'd appreciated your prayers and any diapers you may have hanging around your place- lol, can't believe we may be headed back to "reset" in the kid department-- #excited, #nervous, #scared.

Our boat is really getting rocked around here, new baby and then there is the matter of our friend moving into our shed-apartment, but that's another post. 

Just when I think life is headed in one direction it surely takes a turn in the other. I am not sure what tomorrow holds but this one thing I know for sure "Thus Far, the Lord has helped us".


Missy said...

Wow - what news! Congratulations on this life changing baby! Somehow, you are going to have to find to update your blog with all the news on this new baby for us!

Allison Reynolds said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I am so excited for you! You have the same heart as mine. To bring in the orphans. It's God's heart. If you need anything, call me. God is so good!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow Michelle!! You are an amazing inspiration- answering God's call and acting as His hands and feet in this world. You will all be in our prayers- what is the little one's name? <3, Elizabeth

milaminute said...

Wonderful story, God's heart in have blessed my day!

Superhero Mom said...

Wow! I would like to say I'm speechless, but it really doesn't surprise me with a heart as big as yours it was bound to happen at some point in time. I will be a prayer warrior for you and your family..and of course..I'll be looking around for anything that could go your way. I love you...and congratulations!!

American in Bath said...

Welcome new baby. You all can totally handle this.

Bev said...

You and your family will be so blessed. You are blessing me with this wonderful post. Lov Bev


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