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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Update

Little One is doing good.
She successfully made it through day 4 on Tuesday and as of 5 pm yesterday she was morphine free.

Basically every few hours she gets scored. Her behaviors are recorded:
sleep, eat, muscle tone, sneezes, etc. 
Each behavior has a point value, the lower the score the better she is.

A combined score of 16 or higher would flag her withdrawals as "too much" for her little body and therefore morphine would be considered/given.     

Again so far, no morphine!

Since you've been asking, here are some of the details regarding Little One:
she was born on 11-11-11 @ 9:33am
she was full-term and weighted 5# 14oz and was 19.5 inches long.
She has a decent amount of hair and it is dark.
Her feet are long and skinny, like Steve's and Justin's :)
And she already has the cutest birthmark.
I've also gotten questions regarding her development and it's actually been very interesting learning the info about drug positive babies.

First of all once Little One makes it through this detox she will be like any other baby, her little quirks related to detoxing will be gone and it will be as if she was born with a clean bill of health.

Her organs and internal body is normal and functioning just fine, there was a concern about her kidney when she was in utero but the Healer has healed her.

Developmentally in the future: only time will tell. The doctors and nurses mentioned that the drug use isn't as damaging as any alcohol use mom may have misused. Interesting huh? The legal drug of alcohol is far more dangerous than her legal prescription meds or illegal opiate use. From the info we have on mom, it seems she was far more interested in opiates over alcohol, so believe it or not that is good news.

We are really trusting God that all will be well with Little One and these first days of her life will be a chapter closed with no future reference physically in her book of life.

While we want to be angry at mom:
we are not, 
disturbed and confused, yes; but she is a hurting young lady in desperate need of the freedom that can only come through Jesus Christ.

Also in the baby supplies department- where do I begin?
So far I have:
-a pack-n-play/bassinet,
-turned my dresser top into a changing table (just need a changing pad)
-have about a dozen newborn clothes from Sarah and my granddaughter
-pulled out some of my old receiving blankets- fresh from the 70's
-have a car seat thanks to Illana Belle being a growing almost 1 year old

Prayer Requests:
- wisdom on the work front, I've never worked and had a baby, do I continue to do so? do I cut back a day? who watches Little One while I do work?

- Continued strength for Little One as her body adjusts to a drug-free life

So that's the update for today, thank you all for your texts and loving comments, boy isn't life just one adventure after another?

Love and peace,


dinelle said...

i will ask around for donations for you, formula?? what size diapers do you need?? etc!

Missy said...

I had to go back to work after my maternity leave, but then only worked three more months before we moved. It was difficult, but doable, since it was a limited time. If you cut back a little bit, would a family member be able to take care of her? Is your mom able to? I would love to live near family to have them involved in my family's life.

Carlene said...

Wow Michelle!!! May God bless you with wisdom and all that you will need!! How precious!!

Bev said...

I love you and Steve More! Little One has the best Temp Parents!

Katie said...

Michelle, I just got myself all caught up! I love you more than you know! I am so epically proud of you, both-all ...and your willingness to do WHATEVER God feels you can handle. We don't always know what we can do until we try. I am here always and am praying for ALL of you! Perhaps you ARE here for such a time as this *reset* not to mention Gods got it! Love, Me


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