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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Birthday

I turned 37 this last week.
I'm not a big party person or one to ask for expensive gifts or trips, well OK I lied, I'd ask for an expensive trip.

Steve and I had plans to go to Busch Gardens for my special day, but since a storm was suppose to head that way we decided to stay home. Of course Florida weather men have been known to steer us wrong and the storm stayed south of us, and Tampa, and no rain fell.

Instead Steve and I decided to visit my favorite local botanical gardens and then we just drove around. 

I love to drive.

We rolled the windows down, put some music on and just let the open road lead the way. 
We ran across and old Florida boarding house on the river that is up for auction and had a blast exploring the grounds.
It was such a beautiful day and I am so blessed to have a wonderful man to share days like that with.

Now if only every day could be like that, wind in my hair not a care in the world- but something tells me day after day of that would not be as fun and special as it was on my 37th birthday! 

If you get the opportunity I suggest you do the same: grab the one you love, roll down the windows and just drive!


Doris said...

Happy belated birthday Michelle! Thanks for sharing your special day with us...You still look like you're twenty-something and your picture is so beautiful!

Shasta said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday, Michelle! You look beautiful and happy here!

Anonymous said...

Yep. It was awesome...could have had a more skilled photographer with that could capture the true beauty of the subject material better...but it was still fun trying. Thanks for sharing your special day with let's go ride some roller coasters!


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