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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Cents Behind Our Summer Vacations

When you travel as much as we I did over this last summer your friends start looking at you as if you've won some lottery,or they stop following you on Facebook cause they're disgusted with all your adventures.

Honestly, as I sit her today broke as a joke trusting God will provide our mortgage money by Thursday and I too feel like I was lavished by the summer of 2011 and it's travels.

I'm certainly no Dave Ramsey but there are a few tips I have for people who want to take some sort of vacation.

So here are my tips:
Pay cash! Take the money you save on these items and put it aside for your vacation fund- in an account or better yet at a friends house where you can't touch it! It had been 5 years since we'd been on a family vacation.

1. start making your coffee at home- then take the money you would have spent and save it- $5 a week adds up
2. stop eating out, this was the hardest for me, but $10+ a week adds up
3. set in your mind to not purchase anything new for your home or your body, I haven't bought new clothes in years, we even use hand me down towels and finally got a new microwave after 18 years
4. go on free date nights, then put aside the $20 you would have spent, we read a lot in the bookstore and we walk, walk, walk for dates- also geocaching and disc golf are free after a small initial investment
5. rent movies from library, or even redbox for $1
6. do any work that comes your way, clean a house, mow a lawn, pet sit... this will add up the most, work for your extra money the reward tied to this is amazing!
7. sell stuff you own, blankets, rarely used appliances, furniture you can do without. I am a big craigslist fan! I also take anything free being given out and sell it on craigslist, well sometimes it sits around collecting dust  :/
8. having a family member buy you a plane ticket fro Christmas helps too!

and when it comes to actual trip...

8. stay with friends and family
9. research, research, research (we stay in inexpensive, clean places- I love for this)
10. plan and pay for you trip in sections
      - set your dates 6 months to a year ahead
      - pay for and book your plane tickets first
      - then and it may be a few months later, book your hotel or campsite (and yes we pack sleeping bags)
      - next pay for any rental car or extra activity, for example buy theme park tickets one ticket at a time
11. make your own food, we travel with a cooler, and yes you can check a cooler on an airplane, use your normal  grocery budget money and eat healthier too!

So that's a large part of how we managed to send me to Alaska and Detroit, take the family to Bush Gardens and for Steve and I to spend a week in California. Hard work, sacrifice and a God who allowed it all to take place.

I also love, love, love to plan vacations on the cheap so feel free to contact me if you want help- the time away on a vacation can be healing for the soul!

Where would your dream vacation be to?

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Anonymous said...

I know ur already planning our family vaca. But i would love for u to be planning another trip for just the two of us...I know Cali will be hard to beat(if not) impossible but i really would like for us to getaway again next year...just the two of us. U r, hands down the best travel companion ever! Cant wait for the next adventure! Love u baby-svs


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