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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Oh How I Miss This Place

So I have been enjoying my time away from the computer.

I actually find myself contemplating stepping away from it forever----then I realize life without twitter and blogs would be sad; very sad.

I couldn't keep up with Shasta in China,
Allison down the street,
Joanna in Alaska,
Brandi in Cali,
plus the blogs I stalk- I'd sure miss them.

And I won't hide the fact I secretly like that people are interested in my life.
I guess it makes me feel important, so go ahead and comment :-)

Life has been interesting during this down time.

During this little break...
-I had the privileged of visiting all my friends in Detroit for about 5 days- boy I love that place! and when I say love, I mean LOVE/wannamove/can someone get steve on the same page.
-I had the chance to have a totally rockin, FAT commission paycheck from work.
-I ate an average amount of food on Thanksgiving,
-celebrated my Superman's 17the birthday
-attended Justin's first public music, piano, recital
and of course,
-I officially became a Yiayia last week.

As life went on this last month I found myself blogging in my head.
Writing blog posts, wording them just so, sometimes writing them down other times not.

I found myself thinking thoughts and then thinking, "oh that'd be a great tweet".

I've also found time to listen to a lot of 90's music. The music I listened to when I "came of age".
I've sewed a little, cooked a little, slept a lot and as of this last week I've missed my friends in the blogging world.

So I plan to be back this week with some pictures and maybe a post on life and my thoughts,
cause you know I have many.

Miss you all and thanks for the sweet comments- they are greatly appreciated.
Warmest goodbyes-


Shasta said...

Michelle, welcome back! I'm so glad your break wasn't permanent. I missed you! I know what you mean about writing blog posts in your head. Most of mine stay there because I'm lazy.

I really want to see pictures of the baby! And I'd love to hear your thoughts on becoming a yiayia.

Congrats on the commission check! I bet you're awesome over there.

Missy van Ee said...

Oh, how wonderful that you live in the same house as your grandchild. I often lament my lack of family in the immediate area. That sure must rock.

I'd love to see some pictures of what you are sewing! I've just started getting back into that when my knitting habit lets me.

Kelly said...

glad you are back too... I love catching up with you this way, even if I don't see you too often in this season of life, I love to see how you and your growing family is doing...

Brandi said...

Just checking in on your that you posted again. Congratulations on your granddaughter!! She is truly beatutiful. Wow! That is fabulous about the commission check...also about your trip to Detroit. My husband's family grew up very close to Detroit and our hearts go out to those you've mentioned. Our son was born in Ethiopia and I found myself comparing these two places-so far away from each other, but so similar in too many ways. I am thankful for the love you spread in Detroit when you were there...those children will never forget you!


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