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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Update!

So what’s it like being a Yiayia?
How does it feel to be a grandmother?

Two questions I hear a lot.
They are kind of the like the question you get on your BIG birthdays- how’s it feel to be older?
The answer to me is always the same- I feel no different today than I did yesterday.

It is fun being a grandmother and truly a blessing to have my grandbaby under the same roof as me. I get the privilege of seeing her every morning, each night before we lay our heads down for bed.
I can kiss and smooch on her,
I can help care for her while mom showers,
rock her while she sleeps;
yet when I lay my head down at night it doesn’t lift up again until my alarm goes off. Oh and did mention I get to take a picture of her every. Single. day!

So no, I don’t feel any different being a grandmother and yes I love it!

But babies change things.
Not sure you can really put into words exactly how they change things but they do. Anyone who’s lived in a household with a baby knows what it’s like. When she’s awake you just can’t help but sneak a peek, voices are quieter, things slow down. A household has reason to sit together on the sofa or the floor of the nursery, just to watch the baby. Visitors stop by for brief “I wanna hold the baby” moments.

So while life has gone on as normal- life will never be the same.
As Christmas approaches I wonder what Jesus was like as a baby? How little was he? No crying? But cooing. Sweet baby sounds, soft sleeping breaths. Innocence swaddled up in a mother’s arms coming to save the world. Coming to save me, to bring me, us, out of darkness, out of our pits, to proclaim liberty for me, a captive of myself, my own ideas and self-destructive ways; He came as a baby so “lovey” and sweet. I wonder if His mother, His aunts, had silly nicknames for Him, the Savior of the world.
My granddaughter is no where near Jesus but she too has already saved a precious life, even before she was born; her story is being written and I am so blessed I am here to watch these first chapter take place. I am so happy to be able to make up silly nicknames for her.

So now enjoy what you’ve all been asking for::::pictures!!
(All taken from the iphone)

Hanging with daddy.

She's learning the ins and outs of the Xbox.

I can't hold her enough.

More time with dad, although he looks angry but he's not.

Uncle Justin sings to me and makes up songs about me.

So precious.

At her first doctors visit, a little unsure.

Learning what it's like to hang with Uncle Scotty.

Learning to be spoiled with her BFF at church.

Will Yiayia ever stop taking my picture?

More hanging with dad.
We just thought she looked a little gangsta here.
So there it is, a small sampling of the hundreds of pictures of Illana.
Feels good to be part-time back at blogging.


Allison Reynolds said...


Vanessa said...

So sweet!

Brandi said...

Thanks for sharing pictures-so sweet. And I'm glad you're enjoying her so very much-those days pass all too quickly don't they? Have a Merry Christmas Michelle!!


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