Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

SO it's weird having your 16-year-old married.
And having a child on the way.

It's weird.
Trust me, I look at my own life and wonder "what?"

Sometimes, late at night, in the quiet of my thoughts I go to the:
"what if this is just a dream..."
"why did this have to happen..."
"what did I do wrong as a parent..."
"I didn't teach him God's Word enough"
"I missed opportunities..."
"what is he gonna do for college?"
"a job?"
"how will he make it without us?"
"what went wrong?"
"my poor baby"
"why did he chose this?"

Yeah pretty much the thoughts you'd think you'd have, I have.

But it comes down to: what is done, is done.
Where we're at is where we're at.
My son is smart, a hard worker, responsible (well??), he really wants to do good by God, by his family.

I've learned it's not all bad.
It's life.
It's an adventure.
It a marriage.
It's laughter and giggles, smiles and a daughter for me/us.

I have learned to not be ashamed.
This mom of a teen parent role comes with shame attached; not attached by God but by human standards. Darn the human side of things!

So each day that I don't have those thoughts go through my head I do my best to focus on the good road ahead, to just go with it and all along give praise to God, use my gifts and talents for Him and have fun all the while!

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