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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dreams Becoming Reality

I like to create.
At first I thought I liked to sew, or craft or scrapbook; but I realize that since I was little I have really just liked to create.

Last spring I heard a guy named Marcus Buckingham speak and the words I heard really got my brain turning. He spoke about strengths, weaknesses and our jobs. Long story short 2 major things came from that; the first being me quitting my job last August and the second being my hearts desire to sell my creations for a better cause.

So this last Tuesday night at the 2nd Annual Detroit Benefit concert I got to see that hearts desire play itself out. I had the opportunity to sell my creations and donate all the money to inner-city Detroit missions.

Here's my table with the best merch girls I know.
I didn't have anything neat to display my stuff on, so a few hours before the concert I asked Steve if he'd cut down the dead orange tree in the side yard and make it into a display stand. he did and it worked out great.
I had never heard the feature band Fireflight so it was a special treat to hear them live. I've decided that the bass guitar is where I belong in a rock-n-roll band.
Cause I do belong in a rockband.
I do.
But don't tell Justin
- he'd freak.

Here is Fireflight's bassist... a girl!
Nice shoes.
Also notice the lead singer has a bubble dress on- and it was metalic fabric.

So God is amazing is so many ways but this was just one of them, I got to see the fruits of my labor go toward a good cause and a dream in my heart bloomed.
If you want more info on my sewing label vintage sheet or my "line" 4 the Love of DETROIT, please visit their websites by clicking on their names. You can also purchase some really neat one of a kind creations for yourself and support the Cass Corridor area of Detroit at the same time.
Anyone else have a dream of theirs come to life?

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