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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Engagement

How much fun that you get to travel this journey with me.

To bring you up to date on my current life events, you'll wanna read this post.

With a baby on the way Vaughan and Sarah have decided to get married.
they are young. I know that. I also know that this is not what we planned or taught or wanted for our son, or for Sarah, but it is where we are at.

We've heard the statistics on young marriages but we do not serve a God of statistics.

A few questions I ask you:
-what percentage does a marriage of unfaithfulness have of survival?
-what percentage does a man with heart blockage have of that blockage being gone within a week?
-what percentage does a man have of being cured of leprosy?
-can a woman be healed of years of bleeding by touching a coat?
-what percentage does a man have to come back to life when he's been dead 3 days?
All of these impossibles have come to be, I've seen some first hand and others I believe through faith.
Get it?
We don't serve a God of percentages.

That brings me to the first bit of good news. Vaughan asked Sarah to marry him this last Friday night. I knew it was coming but she did not.

He had made reservations on his own at a very nice restaurant near the river. They looked so nice.
Shortly before they left Vaughan snuck into my room trying to find a way he could hide the ring box. He tried up his sleeve, down his pants, in his shirt and finally figured out he could put it in his pocket and slide it toward the back and it was virtually invisible from the front and side view.

Steve and I went out that night too, only we went out to buy a new washer and dryer!!

Do you see the difference between 17 years of marriage and an engagement?!

I requested that Steve turn his phone off but he put it on vibrate anxiously waiting the tweet, Facebook update or text announcing the BIG moment!

When it came in we were thrilled!!

Vaughan did a great job, they stepped out on a patio after dinner and while she was looking in one direction he set the camera up to take a photo. The he spoke her name and when she turned he was on his knee.

I think he timed the camera just right:

So there it is.

The moment my preemie boy got down on his knee and became a husband to be.

So now you have been introduced to my daughter-in-law to be, Sarah. She is a beautiful young lady who loves the Lord and she fits our family very well. We are so thankful for her in our life and look forward to many, many years with her as our daughter.

No, this journey is a not how it "should" be or how it "usually" goes- but it is our new normal and we are learning to love it. In the words of my cousin Molly: "What fun would life be if we planned it. We sure would miss out on a lot!"

Giving God the glory in it and now... I have been given the OK to be the wedding planner :-)

In case you don't know- I love to plan events!!
Stepping little by little on this new path of normal- love all my readers,


Glorianne said...

Ok, you had me at hello as they say. This is SO amazing. Thanks for sharing. Relatives all over are routing and praying. Relatives your kids never even dreamed they had. Weird ones too. HA HA.

Vanessa said...

Michelle - I am just now catching up on your news and new journey. I am amazed by your grace and trust in God through all of this. What a blessing and wonderful mom to Vaughn and Sarah! I will be praying for you guys and will continue to keep reading as you journey through this new path the Lord has for you. Sending a big hug and much love your way!
- Vanessa

Robin said...

Makes my cry Michelle. Oh God, bless these two young people...
My parents got married at 15 and 17!!! They were married almost 50 year before my mom left this world in 2005...we serve a big big God.
My Emma isn't in the same situation...she's facing some very difficult decisions. At the moment she and her "boyfriend" are broken up. Which I believe is the best thing.
I continue to trust The Father to show Emma her Plan B...

Aleatha said...

wow little lady talk about putting on the full armor of God. You go girl! This really touched my heart more than you can imagine.

2busyannie said...

Congratulations on your son's strength of character. You've raised a good boy. I'm a friend of Glorianne, way out west, following your story and praying for you. My husband and I married at 21 & 22 for the same reason. We hadn't finished school yet, my family thought it would never last, that it was the end of my life.
We are still together and happy almost fourteen years and nine kids later! God knew what he was doing. I know two families where the parents got married at 14 and 16 and the folks now have grandkids--before age 40!


Glorianne said...

Hi Lisa. See, family life starts in a variety of ways but whatever way it starts it takes courage and faith in the Lord. You should meet Michelle's Mom. She is a powerhouse of spiritual strength. She married into the family and I have always admired her. Chutes seem to have the ability to rise to many high water marks. I am in awe of so folks included. I feel unworthy to be counted among them when I freak out at stuff.
Yes, the two young people show a lot of courage when even some Christian folk might say wait.


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