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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Part Post, 2 Subjects- Youth Group Stuff

You may wanna read this post if you are new here in the month of April.

As you can imagine these last few days have been a fog.
Weeks actually.
I woke in the night last night thinking this had to be a dream, that there was no way my life was headed in this direction.
This is a tough spot. I went from the mom of a straight-A student, "on track" for whatever it was we thought he was "on track" for and now he's having a baby, and getting married.
I am thankful that they want to get married. I think it's honorable and coming from a similar situation I understand the desire to have mom and dad together when baby comes.
Then I think he's 16, and this isn't how it was "suppose" to be.
How can he be sure he wants to get married. Shouldn't they wait?
Wait for what?
Ahh... can you see the battle in my head; but then I gotta be honest when I have the most peace in my head, my heart, my soul, it's when I trust the LORD and trust that sooner or later if they're gonna marry, they're gonna marry.
So when I woke up this morning I found the new bathroom shelving unit sitting on my dining table reassuring me that yes this is real, this is not a dream and that when a girl, my daughter-in-law moves in she'll need more bathroom shelves.
While that part of my life is going on the rest of it is still ticking away. Last night at youth group we ended with prayer as we always do, usually no one wants to pray out loud and some nights I strongly encourage one of them to do so. Last night we took a different approach.
Wanting them to understand that Jesus is a friend and that He's always with them I drew a face on the milk jug we had and said, "This is God tell Him what you wanna say to Him."
For some reason we ended up with the paper towel roll as our microphone to God. Some talked through it, others looked at God through it. It was amazing, hearts were revealed, we had thank You's, requests and confessions. Powerful stuff when you combine 12 grade girls, a milk jug and a paper towel roll.

Here we all are... boy I so want them to graduate, such a milestone; but I so don't want them to leave. Good times in this room with these girls. I truly love them!!


Shasta said...

Michelle - just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you. I know you're a wonderful mom and will guide Vaughan and Sarah through this. Sometimes the unexpected turns out to be amazing. I can't help but think that this is one of those times. -S.

Kelly said...

I am thinking of you as well Michelle and am glad that you are so supportive of Vaughn and Sarah. Excited for journey on this path ahead for your family. Your post about the shelf on the table made me chuckle... Will be praying for ya'll and for Sarah for a healthy and happy 9 months ahead! What a great family this baby will be welcomed into :)

Katie said...

love u! Jeremiah 32:17 index card at my desk...your writing, you gave to me! Be encouraged :p


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