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Monday, January 25, 2010

This is Somewhat Random

Working in youth ministry I often find myself pretending to be someone I'm not hanging out with students I sometimes barely know.
But eventually those strange students become my friends even after they discover the real me.

Wait, wait let me explain.

See about 4 years ago I found myself driving home from a conference in a rental car with 4 teenagers I barely knew. We cranked up KJ52 and before I knew it I was labeled MS52. So now to some students, OK to just one, I am known as MS52 Hip-Hop Rapper Extraordinaire! And to that student: well they're my Hype Man!

Fast forward to today.
Today, the actual date of to-day: my Hype Man, who was riding shotty on that trip and who also happens to be a girl, came over today and straight-ironed my hair.
I look good.
Really good.

Just sayin'.

Now I am ready for our weekly and oh so exciting Monday Night at the Span Ranch.
See, Mondays are the night when we watch the TV show Heroes as a family, we have for years.
Only Justin doesn't watch it anymore
and nowdays Vaughan is usually on the phone, in his room.
Then of course there's the fact that the shows time slot moved from 8pm to 9pm so Steve and I have replaced our awake time with Chuck and usually fall asleep before the first Heroes commercial comes on.
Oh well,
at least I have good hair!
and let's face it, good hair is really all that matters.


Kinsey Anne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kinsey Anne said...

I'm pretty sure being your hype man/ hair stylist could be the best job ever!!

Katie said...

Kinsey blessed me with GOOD HAIR the other night as well...I just love you people, no really, I do!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Yeah Kinsey not only is it the best job for you but for me too, love you tons!


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