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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Savannah Trip

After Christmas my dad flew the boys to New Hampshire for 5 days so that left Steve and I alone!! I have wanted to take a day trip to Savannah, Georgia for quite some time and thought this would be a perfect time for Steve and I to have a getaway just the two of us!

A few things about me and traveling.
I love an adventure!
I love to travel cheap.
I love one day road trips.

So we dropped the boys at the airport at 6:30am and headed north to Savannah. On our way up we stopped in South Newport, GA to visit America's Smallest Church.
12 seats and a pulpit, enough for Jesus and his disciples.

When we arrived in Savannah we found a parking garage and hit the streets. I actually had a walking trip planned for this city in the form of what I have called "Amazing Family Vacation: Savannah Style" Through reading a series of clues we made our way around the city, visiting famous and not so famous places as well as a "movie sighting" tour, taking us to places in Savannah seen on the Hollywood big screen!
Here are just a few of the over 200 pics I took that day!
We ate at the neatest place, the Pirate's House. Not a gift shop.

The street crossing button spoke to us, we growled back.

Steps leading down to the river.

Steps leading up to the bluff Savannah sits on.

We reenacted this movie seen as best we could.

Not a bad job for having no one around to take the shot.

Another "movie sighting" shot.


This one was one of a few churches on the east coast who held regular services during the Civil War.

Famous fountain.

Cathedral- amazing, truly amazing.

Bonaventure Cemetery.

We ended out night back at America's Smallest Church, the traffic on the interstate was at a standstill and we had to go potty real bad, the gas stations were packed and so we, being the country folk we are, knew this place had dark shadows and would be empty. We were right, we relieved ourselves and took this shot.
And then I saw my very first, I didn't think they existed anymore....

These pics are just a small, very small, glimpse of all we saw and did in this amazing city. The The whole trip, including gas cost about $100. If you live within a day drive and are interested I'd love to share with you our Amazing Family Vacation clues so you too can enjoy this city and learn all about it's history and it's interesting facts and people.

Drop me a line.


Allison Reynolds said...

Matt and I went there for our tenth anniversary and it was holds a lot of memories for us! Thanks for sharing!

Superhero Mom said...

That was such a fun read!!! And all that kissing...good for you and Steve! lol!

tessahjake said...

Fun!! Brent and I just took a alone trip to Tlakeetna, AK and rented a cabin...I'll have to post pics :)


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