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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bit on Home Schooling Middle School

I thought I'd post a little snapshot of how I have handled home schooling middle school.
One of my main objectives in middle school has been to help my boys be self-motivated and self-sufficient in school.

Here's what we've come up with that works for us.

I list the date and their daily assignments ona white board, when they complete an assignment it gets erased. This helps me to be able to see at a glance where we/they are in their school day and is nice for them to wake and see what their day will consist of. I can teach the lesson and then it is up to them to have the assignment complete by the end of the day. If they want to go somewhere or have someone over it is easy to see if school is done, if it's not- they know the answer. This helps because I don't have to ride them about getting on their schoolwork or be the bad person who says no.
Wanna go to KNOWN on Wednesday nights?? is school done?
Wanna have a buddy over?? Is school done?
Wanna go to the skate park?? Is school done?
Trust me Middles Schoolers are not all that motivated to do anything but visit with their friends.
When it comes to all their books I have taken a square laundry basket and turned it into a file draw. It sits below the table that houses the white board, pencils, pens and daily used books. I took manila folders and cut them to have tabs and I labeled the tabs with the appropriate subject. The stuff that gets used daily usually sits on top of the table but our current reference books and manipulatives sit in their proper section of our file "drawer".

So that is how I have survived middle school home school. This being my last year of full-time home school I am not sure what I'll do with this area of my dining room?
If you home school I hope this gives an idea you may use, if you don't home school and struggle with getting your child to do homework, a whiteboard may work. Just write the word homework on the board, when they finish their work it gets crossed off, if they wanna do something it makes it easy to answer, just look at the board.
Happy learning!

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