Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Misphah and Shen. He named it Ebenezar, saying , "Thus far the Lord has helped us." 1 Samuel 7:12

Monday, January 04, 2010

Banned From Hugging

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you
1 Peter 5:7

Wow, it's been since Christmas that I posted.
I gotta be honest it doesn't surprise me that I have been away.
See, I've been away from my computer.
No not because I've been on an exotic vacation in the Caribbean, although I wish that were the case, no I have been away because I've been relaxing and dealing with my family.
Relaxing in that my boys were gone to NH with my dad for 5 days! Yippee!!
Steve and I had 5 whole days to ourselves and get this we got to spend those days IN OUR OWN HOME!!!

Gotta be honest- it was a blast! I'll keep all the details to myself but trust me having no teenagers in the house is all the more reason to par-ty it on down!

And by party I mean watch movies, not grocery shop, eat out and clean once in 5 days!

I've also had plenty of opportunity to hang with Steve's sister and her family who are visiting from points north!

I think all holidays deal with the "dealing" of family.
Not that it's bad but it's not how I like my life the other 50 weeks of the year.
I had to deal with their insecurities
Deal with their difference in parenting.
Deal with their language choices.
Deal with their relationship issues, their spending issues, their disappointments in me.
I really don't mind all this dealing, afterall they too have to deal with me.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

The dealing that is most time consuming for me right now, and not leaving any time soon, is the dealing with teenagers.

I never realized the heartbreak, frustration and ugh feeling that comes along with raising kids; but there is something about having teenagers in the house that really baffles my mind and exemplifies all that is evil in parenting.

For instance, I have to be careful what I share on this blog that relates to my boys.
Not that they even read this blog, or anyone does for that matter, yet they will specifically ask me to "not share this" on my blog.

So it is somewhat restricting what I can write about.
The there's this thing called hormones.
It comes in late at night, arrives early in the afternoon and has even been know to greet us as we are eating breakfast.
Yes, hormones occasionally come into my home and posses one of my children.

For instance I am currently banned from hugging one of my children because I have said "no" to using my cell phone for texting. See, I had shared my phone then it slowly became me asking for my phone and I realized I had forgotten who was boss around here, so I grabbed that job back and said no to the phone sharing on. a. daily. basis.

Oh and did I mention I am not allowed to sing along to any of the songs one of my children likes. Well, I can sing but not any louder than the music and not so anyone else can hear. I also don't make good pancakes anymore and get bypassed for "good mornings" occasionally.

So in my dealing I have stepped back from the internet.
Not because it's bad but because I want to focus more on this place I am called to: MY HOME and MY FAMILY.
Of course I have thought often about hopin' on a plane and heading to the Caribbean, things are better there,
well, until I arrive.
Then i bring my junk.
But I'd like to go,
maybe never to return.

But, until then here I sit.
Standing my ground.

Happy New Year!
and whatever you're dealing with I encourage you to cast it on Him who cares for you.
It helps me deal because in reality when it comes to dealing, I really don't have too!


Glorianne said...

My 14 year old is huggy. Touch is her language. So her moods come out in different ways. Sometimes all her hugs smothers me. I try not to stiffen so she won't notice. Mostly I am thrilled to get them.

My 12 year old son is kissy. But I think it is just a compulsion right now. His OCD is HUGE right now. He has about 5 conditions that the doctor calls a soup. The last two days he is saying sorry non-stop. I trued explaining he didn't have to keep saying sorry then he says I tell him to say sorry. So, when he gets up today, if he is still doing it, I will just say thank you. Kissing and saying sorry comes with a much better attitude than some other things.
Can't leave the 9 year old out. She is lonely because we used to live in a neighborhood w/ her best friends. Now we live in a subdivision in a little town. Unfortunately, this subdivision of 7 houses does not have kids she can play with. She is heart broken.
Back to your topic. Hormones: Yeah, we got them.

Superhero Mom said...

Oh my sweet Michelle! I have no words of wisdom, but must tell you this. I am praying for you! I prayed for you yesterday and I prayed for you today. I know where your help will come from...above! I'm trusting God with you and your family. Know this, you are in many ways (like all of us) a pioneer, ...traveling a road you've never traveled before. Be brave, be strong and lean on He has been there! I love you!

Hi I'm Michelle said...

Yes Lisa He has been there, it's what keeps me going- looking back at His faithfulness.


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